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Marketing Analytica is a cross-channel digital marketing management platform providing advanced algorithmic attribution models. Marketing Analytica integrates all  marketing-channel sources and applies artificial intelligence to calculate the exact likelihood of all marketing touchpoints. The performance of every Channel and Campaign is presented in a modern dashboard which allows for cross-channel optimization of marketing ROI.


All-in-One Master Dashboard

Our all-in-one master AI dashboard allows you to pull all relevant marketing data from external platforms into one area. Visually see the effects of your campaigns from affiliate networks, social media marketplaces (eg. FB), and external analytics tools all in one place.

Best-in-Class Attribution Toolsets

By using machine-learning we assign attribution across various marketing channels and allow you to aggregate data across all channels helping you better understand your audience and marketing life-cycle from click to conversion. Know what’s actually driving sales, where you can cut costs to enhance performance, and shift budgets to increase efficiency.

Accelerated Insight into your Performance

We use artificial intelligence (A.I.), machine learning, and automation to help you analyze data in real-time gaining valuable insight into what’s actually driving your campaigns ROI! Our multiple rules-based algorithmic approaches offer a more robust analysis into your campaigns true heartbeat



True value of all marketing channels and creatives


Clear recommendations on vary granular level

Optimal marketing budget allocation

Volume / Cost Per Action optimisation


Our team has gathered the experience working for such brands as:


The best thing about working with Marketing Analytica is that they deliver a product that can be put into action immediately. Marketing Analytica enables us to understand and optimize our budget allocation on the basis of cross-channel analysis.

Paweł Kuźma

CEO, Redcoon (Media Saturn Holding)

With Marketing Analytica our performance of marketing channels is constantly improving through data-driven optimization. Cross-channel attribution models developed by Marketing Analytica help us increase marketing ROI.


Magdalena Wasilewska-Michalska

President of the Board,


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